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A Sound of Thunder". From the place this phrase is located it gives the idea that the “ Sound of Thunder” is the consequence of messing with nature and its power, and from breaking the balance in time. On the other hand Mr. Bradbury uses this words to describe the sound of Travis’ s rifle when fired. What is the story a sound of Thunder about? a sound of thunder questions and answers pdf - inmolink. 4 % " A Sound of Thunder" Questions. n OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. A Sound of Thunder Ray Bradbury The sign on the wall seemed to quaver under a film of sliding warm water. BradburyThe VeldtA Sound of Thunder and Other StoriesThunder CakeWeather Thematic UnitThunder Rolling in the MountainsThe Time MachineMicrosoundThunder Boy Jr. Storm SongZero HourThe PedestrianA Sound of ThunderThank You, Mr. FalkerApplied English PhonologyThe Thrill of the GrassThe Flying MachineThe Red RaincoatWhere the Mountain Meets the Moon. The purpose of repeating the sound of thunder was because the sound of thunder is the main point that the story is reflected around. The sound of thunder is the literary element that sets the mood of the reader and without the sound, the story would be boring.

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    A Sound of Thunder ( band), an American heavy metal band. A Sound of Thunder ( video game), based on the film. Is a sound of Thunder a short story? What is a summary of a sound of Thunder? Summary: A Sound of Thunder is about a man that decides to go on a hunting trip to the past to shoot the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. A SOUND OF THUNDER” QUESTIONS Pages 1- 2 1. What company does Eckels visit? What are the penalties for disobeying instructions? About what is Eckels thankful? What did some people want to do if Deutscher had won the election and why? What does the man behind the desk tell Eckels happened last year that makes Eckels think. What is the main idea of a sound of Thunder?