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TRIGONOMETRY PRACTICE TEST This test consists of 20 questions. While you may take as much as you wish, it is expected that you are able to complete it in about 45 minutes. For proper course placement, please: • Take the test seriously and honestly • Do your own work without any assistance. Do not use any reference materials,. Understanding ratios is the key to solving trigonometry problems involving right angles at 90 degrees. Use the ratios, sine = opposite side / hypotenuse; cosine = adjacent side / hypotenuse; and tangent = opposite side / adjacent. Depending on which two of the three variables you have, you can solve for the third using one. Trigonometry 101. 5 | P a g e Algebra PPPPPP1 3. 6 | P a g e PPP1 2. How do you use trigonometry? Use the inverse trigonometry function to solve the angle measurement.

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    net B D E C A A D D. MyMathTest Test 4: Trigonometry. This practice packet contains: 40 problems that cover topics included in Math& 142 ( Precalculus II: Trigonometry), and MyMathTest Test 4: Trigonometry. Answers to all problems ( p. 15) Instructions for using online Study Plan to brush up ( p. 16) Instructions:. How can I prepare for trigonometry? Trigonometry Functions and Unit Circle TEST STUDY GUIDE Test covers: Given a right triangle, find 6 trig functions. Given the value of one trig ratio, find the other 5 trig ratios. Given a point on the unit circle, find the 6 trig ratios relative to the angle formed. Solve right triangles.