Accepting and refusing invitations exercises pdf

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understanding of the English language. 1 Invitations: accepting and refusing ( with answers and audio) This is a listening/ speaking skills exercise and worksheet to help English language learners to practice giving invitations, accepting invitations and refusing invitations in a variety of situations. Students will learn how to use: want to, and would like to in order to make invitations; they will accept them or refuse them politely. 2, 341 Downloads. accepting and fefusing invitations. Telling the time. Inviting accepting and refusing invitations exercises pdf Browse per category [ Alle] Abteilungsleitung, Bereichsleitungacademia and researchacademia and research biologyacademia and research chemistryacademia and research cosmologyacademia and research economicsacademia and research environmentacademia and research geologyacademia and research laboratoryacademia and research. This is the invitation. Student B then flips over a sentence strip and reads their sentence aloud. This sentence either accepts or refuses the invite.

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    Refusing exercises accepting

    - Sounds good, but i don’ t think i can. I have to work late. - No, i’ d better not. My parents won’ t allow me to go. - I’ m afraid i can’ t. I have other plans.