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Acquire: This is where the game of Risk begins. All the players involved select or claim territories turn by turn. This goes on until all the territories have been acquired. - Deploy: in this one, all the players go ahead and deploy their armies on all the territories they have occupied. - Attack: Then comes the fun part where players take turn to attack the armies of the opponents in order to capture their territories. - Fortify: For taking over the world in Risk online, you of course need to have a strong unit by your side. Risk Édition Napoléon - Advanced Rules & Historical Campaigns These advanced rules are new rules which can enrich the standard Risk game. You can use all of them or select among them, but all the players should be in agreement at the beginning of play as to which advanced rules will be used. What are risk assessment procedures? Risk classification is the practice of grouping people together according to the risks they present, including similarities in costs for potential losses or damages, how frequently the risks occur, and whether steps are taken to reduce or eliminate the risks. Risk is patterned after military campaign strategies. First, players in turn occupy all territories. Then players take turns initiating battles. Each battle can have three parts: ( 1) deploying armies; ( 2) attacking the opposition; ( 3) fortifying the territories held. The detailed instructions following explain the rules of the game.

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    You’ ll decide things like where to place your troops, where to attack, who to attack, and how often to attack. But when it comes to easing you. According to the Risk board game rules, the cards are very important. Whenever you capture a territory you may draw a card ( max 1 card per turn). The territories on the cards are ignored and only the black figures are important. How to play risk? What is the classification of risk? For 2 to 6 players / Ages 10 to adult Rules © 1959, 1963, 1975, 1980, 1990, 1993 Parker Brothers, Division of Tonka Corporation, Beverly, MA 01915. What are the rules for the game of risk?