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The scientific community divides human growth into stages according to age and assesses psychomotor development as a human develops motor skills and reaches cognitive milestones. Most human stages of growth and development occur in infancy, childhood and adolescence. 4 | Human Growth & Development HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT draw, they must have developed the manual ( hand) control to hold a pencil and crayon. ☺ Growth and development proceed from the general to specific. In motor development, the infant will be able to grasp an object with the whole hand before using only the thumb and forefinger. What are the basic principles of Human Development? What are the main theories of Human Development? What are the stages of Human Development? The field of human development is divided into five main theory groups. The theory groups are psychodynamic, biological, cognitive, behavioral, and systems.

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    Craig University of Massachusetts 330 Hudson Street, NY, NY 10013 A01_ DUNN8975_ 04_ SE_ FM. What are the four stages of Human Development? The basic principles of growth and development are physical development, social development and cognitive development. Growth and development in children is nearly always a sequential process. However, negative experiences, such as child abuse or witnessing a traumatic event, can delay the growth and development process. describe the meaning and process of development, • explain the influence of heredity, environment and context on human development, • identify the stages of development and describe the major characteristics of infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, and • reflect on your own course of development and r elated experiences. Four growth stages are between birth and adolescence. The period of time between birth and adolescence is commonly divided into four growth stages: infancy, childhood, juvenile and adolescence. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics ' website, every stage of development has certain milestones.