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It is commonly believed that 17 clues is the minimum for a Sudokus that still has a uniq solution. 100 difficult Sudoku NR. They are number 101 to 200 from a list of demanding Sudokus, continuing NR. Solutions are included. New: By demand from some visitors you can now download one thousand minimal Sudokus ( pdf). These difficult Sudokus are based on a collection by Gordon Royle, University of Western Australia. Hard Sudoku by www. org Sudoku # Visit www. com for more printable sudoku puzzles. How many clues do you need to solve a Sudoku? How many difficult Sudokus are there? But if you are looking for a plain text file with one Sudoku per line, here you are right.

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    Solutions Solutions can be accessed on sudoku. cool by using puzzle identification numbers. Note: the pdf document was made by Sudoku. What is a sudoku game? 6x6 Sudoku for Download and Printing. Here you can fined 6x6- Sudokus ( in 3x2- blocks) available for download and printing in PDF file format. There are 100 Sudoku per file along with their solutions in the second half of the file. Bölgesel sudoku soruları ( kolay/ orta/ zor) İndir ( pdf) 4x4 ( cevaplı 180 soru) İndir ( pdf) 6x6 ( cevaplı 180 soru) İndir ( pdf) 9x9 ( cevaplı 200 soru) Ardışık sudoku soruları. İndir ( pdf) 9x9 sorular.