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knowledge of nutrient requirements and the factors influencing these requirements is a necessary first step to designing a nutrition program that is both efficient and cost effective. This section will discuss the protein, energy, mineral, and vitamin requirements of beef cattle. In addition, tables of nutrient requirements are provided. The nutrient requirements of calves The three most essential nutrients for calf growth and development are water, energy and protein. Fibre, minerals and vitamins are also needed, but play a smaller role. 1 Water Water is essential for all living animals and it is good husbandry to provide calves with as much fresh, clean water as they want. Another option is to feed feeder cattle a mixture of roughage and grains. A typical daily diet consists of 11 pounds alfalfa hay, 6 pounds rolled barley and 1 pound of a commercially prepared supplement. The supplement contains protein, vitamins and minerals. Nutrient requirements, including protein requirements, for beef cows and replacement heifers are shown in Tables 16. Requirements for growing calves and yearlings are shown in Tables 11. Requirements for growing and mature bulls are shown in Table 16.

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    key to understand how nutrients are absorbed and utilized by the cattle in order to meet their nutrient requirements. The five nutrients that are key to sustaining life are water, protein, energy, minerals. How much protein do beef cattle need? Sep 09, · Embed. Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle Eighth Revised Edition ( ) Buy Now: $ 149. Copy the HTML code below to embed this book in your own blog, website, or application. Tip: press Ctrl- C or ⌘ - C to copy. Most commercial protein and mineral supplements are fortified with dry, stabilized vitamin A. The daily requirements for beef cattle appear to be ~ 5 mg of carotene or 2, 000 IU of vitamin A/ 100 lb ( 45 kg) body wt; lactating cows may require twice this amount to maintain high vitamin levels in the milk. nutrient requirements of beef cattle pdf. Source: Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle, 1 IMMATURE CORN HARVEST CONSIDERATIONS Immature corn made into silage may have a higher moisture content compared to that made with mature corn. What are the nutritional requirements for beef cattle?