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of the iTEP exam. The iTEP Prep Guide provides equal coverage of all sections of the iTEP examination. The sample exercises are representative of all three types of iTEP: Academic, Business, and iTEP SLATE. It is important for the examinee to become familiar with each section of the exam and to demonstrate skills. additional 10 minutes for pre- test preparation 2 iTEP Business- Core assesses grammar, listening, and reading, and is 50 minutes in length, with an additional 10 minutes for pre- test preparation. Test Format & Delivery Online iTEP exams are delivered via the internet and must be administered at a secure location or a certified iTEP test center. The Benefits of iTEP Business iTEP Business is the most efficient, secure, accurate, and affordable way for businesses and organizations to measure the English level of their employees and applicants. It is specially designed to test the language skills needed for a work environment and to help employees make smart business decisions. iTEP Practice Test Instructions. Thank you for your interest in taking the iTEP Practice Test! This information page will help you prepare for taking the practice test and will provide you with answers to Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs).

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