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Google Ads is a powerful tool for companies wishing to gain visibility on Google searches, as it offers impression privileges for advertisers, by featuring the ad above the organic results listing. This chapter contributes to the optimization of Google Ads campaigns. Does Google AdWords improve e- commerce sales? Google Online Advertising • Advertisers create ads o Target keywords, create budget for bids • Google runs an auction when a user searches o For every single query – every user, everywhere around the world How Does itWork? o Happens almost instantaneously • " Winner" gets an ad on Search Results page. A few models have also been recently developed after assessing the viability of Google Adwords where the different factors influencing the effectiveness of the campaign are quantified ( Szymanski & Lininski, ). Advertising has always played an important role in creating visibility for educational institutions. What is the basic essence of AdWords? Checking for your ads on Google If you want to check where your ads are appearing on Google search, we recommend you use the Ad Preview tool. This tool shows you ads and search results as they would appear on a regular Google search results page, without accruing extra impressions for your ad and affecting your campaign statistics.

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    Are Google AdWords viable for educational institutions? What is Google Ads and how does it work? Google Ads Fundamentals _ Google. pdf - Google Drive. Google AdWords is one of online advertising technologies that provides benefits in the business of e- commerce. This research was aimed to analyze and describe the improvement of the e- commerce sales by using Google AdWords.