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B1 Relative Clauses RC005. I spoke to him the other day. They elected a new mayor. His aim is to help the poor. I really like the car. I bought it last year. Mr Black took over the company. His wife died last year. The restaurant is the best in town. We usually eat there. a compound sentence, which consists of two or more main or independent clauses ( clauses that can stand alone as sentences) joined by a coordinating conjunction and a comma, by a semicolon alone ( when the thoughts expressed in the clauses are of relatively equal value), or by a conjunctive adverb ( e. , therefore, however, instead, then) and a semicolon; 2. ) Combine the sentences with relative clauses.

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    Combining sentences with relative clauses pdf. How can you provide more information about a noun in your sentence? Adjective clauses are great to explain more about their nouns, and they help you vary your phrase structure. Take a look at these examples of adjective clause and how they work in different types of phrases. Clause adjective. Seutences= - Adjective. Please combine thefollowing pairs of sentences. Use a relative pronoun to create an adjective clause. Punctuate carefully. Ex: JackieRodriguez won the lottery.

    Jackie Rodriguez bought her mother a house. Jerry was in a terrible car accident. Jerry lives across the street from my family. who whom whose which that. Here the relative pronoun ‘ who’ is the subject of the clause ‘ who lives in New England’. It also connects the two clauses. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences using appropriate relative pronouns. He is a cheerful boy. who whom which 2.