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The 6 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Track for ROI Awareness. Do your prospective customers even know you exist? Now that they know about you, do your prospective customers care about you? Something you posted got them intrigued and they want to learn more about your product or service. The golden goose! Engagement: Likes, comments, shares and clicks. metrics ruled in the early days of social media marketing, with increased automation technology and a growth in social media outlets comes a significant push to tie social media efforts to hard metrics, including conversions and sales. When social media marketing efforts are tied to hard metrics, marketers can better demonstrate. See full list on imarkguru. What are the types of social media metrics?

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    There’ s no one set of metrics that should be used for each platform or campaign, but the ones mentioned in this post will do the trick. Number of Social Media Followers. What are social media metrics the most important? Awareness metrics. Chapter= Date: February26, Time: 11: 10am Praise for Social Media Metrics “ JimhasalwaysbeenattheforefrontoftheWebanalyticsworld. Engagement metrics. Engagement is the cornerstone of all social media activity. Engagement is a big umbrella category to track. The engagement rate is a metric often used to track how actively involved with your content your audience is and how effective your brand campaigns are. Engaged consumers interact with brands through interactions such as “ likes, ” comments and social sharing. Engagement essentially boils down to how much audience accounts are interacting with your account and how often.

    Every network will have some sort of engagement metric that is a total sum of. SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS TEMPLATE Place specific social media plan objectives across the top with objectives such as increasing awareness, increasing engagement, or improving customer service. Quantify following SMART guidelines ( specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound) like “ Increase awareness by 20% in 6 months. 16 Social Media Metrics That Matter in Brand Awareness. Brand awareness is the attention that your brand gets across social media platforms. Audience Growth Rate. As you can probably guess, audience growth rate is the rate at which your brand is gaining followers on social media. BEGINNER’ S GUIDE: SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS 3 Mentions A key social metric you need to track is volume of mentions, which is the size of a conversation. Depending on your role or function, you’ ll want to track mentions for several different keywords such as your company, brand name, product or service, industry, the. Several social media followers are one of the many metrics that many marketers tend to dismiss as a vanity metric. Having engaged followers is more important than having many followers. However, if one of your goals is to increase your social media following or brand reach, then you need to know how many followers you have. When working to increase your brand reach, it’ s important to know how many social followers you have managed to gather over time.

    You may find out that some of your accoun. Who is talking about your brand and what kind of impact do they have? Influence is probably the most controversial social media metric; there are myriad tools that measure social influence, and they all do it in different ways. But one thing they all agree on is that audience size does not necessarily relate to influence. Just because someone has a lot of friends or followers, that does not mean they can encourage those followers to do anything. Based on past actions, we can make assumptions about how influential someone might be in the future. This type of potential influence is useful to decide who to reach out to when you’ re preparing for a campaign. Tools like Klout and PeerIndex assign people an influence score. Tools like these measure online social capital and the ( potential) ability to influence others. Plus, it’ s very easy. Good social listening tools come with influence scores: Kinetic influence, on the other hand, will help you understand who is participating in and drivi. These numbers illuminate your current and potential audience. Social media metrics are the data used to assess the impact of social media activity on marketing campaigns and a company’ s revenue. These metrics help to assess how well you are accomplishing your goals in the social space and provide insight into where you can modify your campaign. As a social media professional, they’ re your chance to demonstrate the value of your workand the impact of the decisions you’ ve made.

    If your boss asks you to talk data, take the opportunity to be a pro and go beyond the surface- level, “ vanity” metrics— the likes and shares and retweets. Instead, focus on the data that matters— the numbers that prove your effort has had a positive, bottom- line impact on the business. The right data will assure executives that their investment in social is paying off. It’ ll also help you continue to make smarter, more data- driven decisions moving forward. Your social media goals are what determine your metrics. For every goal, you need a related metric, which will help det.