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REASONS TO CALIBRATE Meter calibration is essential to minimizing the potential measurement error in an ultrasonic flow meter. American Gas Association Report Number 9, Measurement a/ Gas by Multipath Ultrasonic Meters ( AGA- 9) specifically requires flow calibration for all meters used for custody transfer. Flow Meter Calibration Common calibration procedures: In- Situ calibration An on- site calibration based on actual field conditions. Either simple K- factor corrections or adjustments to flow meter coefficients ( dependent upon the ability to run multiple flow rates). Performed using acceptable calibration methods ( eg 40 CFR Part 60,. ULTRASONIC METER FLOW CALIBRATIONS CONSIDERATIONS AND BENIFITS Joel Clancy Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. of Iowa ( CEESI Iowath Street Garner, Iowa 50438 Introduction Measurement in today’ s natural gas pipeline systems encompasses many challenges. Scheduling a meter calibration is an activity that should be planned in advance. Flow calibration facilities often have a one- or two- month long backlog. Waiting until the last minute to arrange the meter calibration can result in delays or additional charges for overtime efforts.

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    The calibration procedure of Acoustic Doppler Current Meters. The Most Trusted Name In Measurement Multipath Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Flow Calibration Procedure Procedure Manual PRD/ Rev. 00G / FL / nb / October MNKS013 0. 4210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Safety iii 4210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Safety General Warnings Before installing, operating, or maintaining this equipment, it is imperative that all hazards and preventive measures are fully understood. While specific hazards may vary according to location and application, take heed of the following general warnings. ULTRASONIC FLOW METER CALIBRATION - CONSIDERATIONS AND BENEFITS Terrence A. Grimley Southwest Research Institute" 6220 CuJebra Road San Antonio, TXUSA INTRODUCTION Since their introduction to the natural gas industry in the mid- l990s, multipath ultrasonic flow meters have. How do you calibrate a flow meter? Why do you need to calibrate an ultrasonic meter? Ultrasonic flow meter calibration procedure pdf Chemical engineering | On October 1,, AperCal is a new calibration unit for the company' s ultrasonic tecometers ( pictured). This new offering allows flowmeter users to conduct autonomous calibration on their sites. How far in advance should I schedule a meter calibration? China 10mhz ultrasonic thickness meter products and 10mhz ultrasonic thickness meter manufacturer.

    Trade platform for China 10mhz ultrasonic thickness meter manufacturers and global 10mhz ultrasonic thickness meter buyers provided by Chinax. 4210 Flow Meter Section 1 Introduction 1- 4 Figure 1- 1 Ultrasonic Level Sensor Since the speed of sound in air varies with temperature ( approxi- mately 1% for 10° variation), compensation must be provided. The ultrasonic level sensor uses both air temperature and micro- processor- based compensation to accurately account for air tem- perature variations. 4 Return Echo Amplifier. PDF | If we want to keep. Calibration of an ultrasonic flow meter for hot water. An overview of the procedures and facility used for the calibration is. Multipath ultrasonic gas flow meters are normally flow calibrated at an accredited flow laboratory before installation in order to verify the flow meter’ s performance and to correct for flow meter offset. The common practice is to install gas flow meters without in‐ situ calibration arrangement. CALIBRATION DETAILS Flow meter calibration normally starts by first establishing stability in the measuring system by flowing gas at a high rate for the meier under test. In a closed loop system, the bulk system pressure is established prior to circulating and then adjusted as the temperature reaches its set- point condition. The common practice is to install. The inside diameter of the ultrasonic meter shall have the same inside diameter as the upstream tube’ s diameter and must be.

    Verification Test and a Flow- Calibration Test procedure ( although a flow- calibration is not required). No significant changes have been proposed to § 4. As a basis for the acceptance of a dry calibration procedure for ultrasonic gas flow meters, a sensitivity analysis of the relevant variables with respect to the meter' s accuracy is presented. Further test results are presented that demonstrate the feasibility of the concept of dry calibration applied to ultrasonic gas flow meters. However, for a large meter run, it may not be possible to handle or ship the meter and piping as an assembly. Ultrasonic meters can be calibrated using either the digital interface or one of the other output interfaces ( frequency, analog current). Can an ultrasonic meter and piping be used as an assembly? dynamic metering range of our own ultrasonic gas flow meter. The calibration rig used is described and estimations of its performances are made. The reference meter used was a calibrated turbine flow meter with a specified absolute accuracy of + / - 1% and a repeatability of + / - 0. 1% within a dynamic range of 1: 20. All tests have been. made using dryair.

    Calibration of an ultrasonic flow meter requires the use of an NIST- traceable reference flow meter. With correct selection of the reference flow meter and the correct calibration procedure, the MAXREFDES70# can easily be made to meet the OIML R49/ EN14154 specifications for water meters. In this paper, the calibration procedure of a. specific ultrasonic water flow meter is discussed, and th en a. wireless system is proposed to carry out fin e calibration. According to the results. PDF | On Jan 1,, jesus fernandez and others published Mass flow measurement and calibration procedures | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate. Calibration of Electromagnetic Flow Meter Kaushal Mukherjee Abstract In this paper calibration methodology of the electromagnetic flow meter is discussed. The construction and operation principle of an electromagnetic flow meter is discussed here. Installation techniques of the electromagnetic flow meter are also discussed in this paper. Calibration Flow Meter Calibration Welding Machine Repair' ' Calibration And Certification — Arc Services LLC Arc May 5th,. ultrasonic testing procedure reference response of the equipment reference response from the basic calibration' ' qualical wdfiles com May 7th, -. A method of calibrating an ultrasonic flow meter ( 10) first determines a static flow offset ( 52). Next, a dynamic flow offset ( 54) and a flow speed ( 56) are determined.

    An adjusted flow speed ( 58) is determined by subtracting the static flow offset and one half the dynamic flow offset from the flow speed to form an adjusted flow speed. EI8552- Industrial Instrumentation- II - Read online for free.