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What is Carl Jung best known for? JUNG' S DREAM THEORY The dream theory of Carl G. JungIs one of the most important and widely influen- tial dream theories in modern depth psychology ( that branch of psychology that studies the un- conscious as its main object). Jung, a Swiss medi- cal doctor, was at one time Freud' s closest friend. Mass, Carl Jung) The Persona and Individuation • “ In becoming an individual, one differentiates one’ s psyche from the collective ( i. , the crowd) and affirms the individual differences. Jung’ s archetypal concept of the persona as a social mask which a person wears for various roles he or she may play is considered necessary for socially. Carl Jung Theory. The Collective Unconscious. The main Carl Jung theory that his dream interpretation was built on, was that of the " collective unconscious. Jung believed this to be a collection of symbols that were shared by every human being but retained at the unconscious level. Jung in Modern Man in Search of a Soul, is here presented as a specifically individual struggle for moral and spiritual integrity against the ‘ mass psychology’ generated by political fanaticism, scientific materialism and techno- logical triumphalism on a global scale.

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    It was this fascination with medicine and spirituality that led him into the field of psychiatry, which he viewed as a combination of his two interests. What was Carl Jung theory? Carl Gustav Jung - Man and his Symbols ( 19xx).