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SHOULDER EXAMINATION Introduction Shoulder disorders are can be broadly classified into the following types: 1. Instability The common disorders arise from diseases of the following structures: 1. The Rotator Cuff 2. The Glenohumeral joint 3. The Acromioclavicular joint 4. Can test rotator cuff? the pain in the arm is genuinely from a shoulder lesion or. whether it is the consequence of a more proximal lesion, arising perhaps from the cervical spine. If the answer to this is not clear from the history, a preliminary examination, including tests of the cervical spine, shoulder and elbow, is necessary. If a rotator cuff tear is suspected, an imaging test will be ordered. The test most commonly used to diagnose a rotator cuff tear is magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI), but an arthrogram and an ultrasound may also be used. The MRI is helpful because it can show both complete rotator cuff tears and partial rotator cuff tears. There is no special way of diagnosing a frozen shoulder, nor is there a diagnostic test to verify it ( e. , an X- ray or MRI).

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