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The summary sentence word count needs to be 5- 75 words. Anything shorter or longer and you get zero score. Make sure your grammar and spellings are correct. A general rule is to avoid using any word of which spelling you are unsure. The summary made should make sense if viewed in conjunction with any of the other sentences in the main passage. Having a lot of free PTE study material can boost their preparation. Using the following PTE study material pdf, you can practice such tasks easily. helped you time yourself and develop your techniques quickly. The subskills of PTE Academic and the item types where they are tested are therefore grouped according to the double- page lessons to assist you to use the double- page arrangement as part of effective test preparation. PTE Academic Recommended Resources Language Leader Advanced 46 Review Units 10- 12 Pages PTE Academic subskill and communicative skill PTE Academic items where this skill is tested. Why are the subskills of PTE Academic divided according to double page arrangement? How many pages is the language leader PTE? How can free PTE study material boost your preparation? PTE Academic uses automated scoring, providing greater reliability.

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    The Academic Collocation List ( ACL), created by Pearson, contains 2, 469 of the most frequent and pedagogically relevant lexical collocations in written academic English. The list was compiled from the written curricular component of the Pearson International Corpus of Academic English ( PICAE), comprising over 25 million words. PTE Word List for Academic is a middle level vocabulary with definitions of 20 languages for most of ESL students. It includes practices too. What is the meaning of PTE Academic?