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Chronic hepatitis B virus ( HBV) infection is estimated to affect > 350 million people worldwide and represents a significant cause of morbidity and mortality related to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Mother- to- child transmission ( MTCT) of HBV remains an important source of incident cases. Hepatitis B Guidelines for Pregnant Women What is hepatitis B? Hepatitis B is the most common serious liver infection in the world. It is caused by the hepatitis B virus ( HBV) that attacks liver cells and can lead to liver failure, cirrhosis ( scarring) or cancer of the liver later in life. Management of Hepatitis B in Pregnancy C- Obs 50 4 3. Introduction In Australia, the estimated prevalence of chronic hepatitis B infection is 0. 97 per cent with approximately 209, 000 people living with hepatitis B infection in Australia in. 1 The majority have come from areas of high prevalence, mainly from the Asia- Pacific region, but. BMC Public Health BioMed Central Research article Open Access Hepatitis B virus infection among pregnant women in Taiwan: Comparison between women born in Taiwan and other southeast countries Ching- Chiang Lin1, 2, 3, Hsiu- Shu Hsieh4, Yu- Jie Huang5, Yeou- Lih Huang3, 6, Ming- Kun Ku7 and Hsin- Chia Hung* 8, 9 Address: 1Department of Laboratory Medicine, Fooyin University Hospital, Pingtong, Taiwan. May 11, · Version 05/ Hepatitis B Virus ( Pregnancy), Page 5 Contact Investigation Contacts include: only the infant. Other contacts such as household members, sexual partners, and needle sharing contacts would be listed in the hepatitis B CMR and not the hepatitis B pregnancy event. Testing for Hepatitis B Virus Infection During Pregnancy Flowchart for Prenatal Providers • Routinely test all women in every pregnancy for hepatitis B surface antigen ( HBsAg) • Test in the first trimester, if possible • Test regardless of past testing status Maternal HBsAg results HBsAg HBsAg • Report HBsAg positive test results to. Hepatitis B is a risk to public health.

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