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What happens when water is heated in a pipe? HEAT PIPE DESIGN • The development of a practical heat pipe design requires the application of the theory presented in Chapters 2 and 3 in combination with a variety of considerations including physical, thermal and mechanical constraints; application requirements; materials. As heat is applied to the pipe, the water will boil and turn to a gas, which then travels to the colder section of the heat pipe where it condenses back to a liquid. It is the evaporating and condensing of the water that form a pumping action to move the water ( and thus the heat) from end to end of the pipe. programs have been developed to predict performance and establish heat pipe designs for many of the systems noted above. Regarding the literature, the first~ Pipe Design Handbook ( 32) was published for NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston in August 1972. Since that time, three. heat pipe design handbook volume i prepared for national aeronautics and space administration goddard space flight center - greenbelt, maryland 1 b& k engineering. Three basic considerations are applicable to the development of any heat pipe design: ( l) Selection of the working fluid ( 2) Selection of the wick design ( 3) Selection of the container design For a given application, several possible combinations of working fluid, wick structure and. What are the basic considerations for heat pipe design? What is a heat pipe design program? What is heheat pipe design?

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