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PDF files are often used to print files for using by meeting, classes, etc, so most of PDF files are A4 size. However, I recently find that some PDF users are trouble with how to convert or resize A4 PDF to A5. booklet as below. May 28, · The other way is to save a copy of your A4 PDF and use an Acrobat preflight fixup to change the size ( Tools> Print Production> Preflight> Fixups> Scale pages to a specific size). If you want to print the A5 PDF on your desktop printer as printer' s spread pages, use Print Booklet from Acrobat ( File> Print> Booklet). Upload your PDF file and resize it online and for free. Choose from the most used aspect ratios for PDF documents like DIN A4, A5, letter and more. Jun 24, · You may have noticed that converting an A4 document to an A5 booklet reduces the page count by 4 times, meaning an 8- page long A4 document is only a 2- page long A5 Booklet. However, if the A4 document is many pages long, folding the A5 booklet can be a challenge. For example, imagine a 200- page long A4 document. Jul 24, · Today, I made a few amendments, and resaved the file as PDF from Word. When I went to print, all pages were in the correct place on the paper, but half of them were logically upside down. So opening the pages out to A4, the first side contains 2 A4 original pages printed A5.

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