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original Bentall procedure, and it is currently the most widely used technique for aortic root replacement ( Fig- ures 1 9). Operative Technique If a bioprosthesis is used to replace the aortic valve, a composite graft is constructed using an aortic graft with a dilated sinus portion. The graft is 3mm larger than the outer diameter of the valve. Bentall fue semejante a la registrada en otros centros espe- cializados. Los eventos relacionados con la patología aórti- ca, técnica quirúrgica, prótesis valvular aórtica y la disfunción ventricular izquierda, obligan a realizar estudios de segui- miento a largo plazo. Palabras clave: Procedimiento de Bentall, aneurisma de aor-. Mar 03, · The Bentall procedure is a type of serious open- heart surgery needed to repair the aortic root and the aortic valve, such as might be needed for an aortic aneurysm in this part of the aorta. The procedure is named for Hugh Bentall, who first performed and described it in 1968. 1    . Westend61 / Getty Images. Coronary injury is a rare, but possible, complication of aortic root surgery. Conventional management may include modifying the coronary button or coronary artery bypass graft for the affected vessel. Described is a case of left main coronary artery.

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