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Lineaje Anilox = 5a7 Lineaje Plancha • Se recomienda un anilox con lineatura de 5 a 7 veces más que el clisé GC- F- 004 V. 01 VOLUMEN • Es la cantidad de tinta contenida en las celdas del anilox. Cantidad de tinta que recibe. Apex International recently had the honour to supply its 3, 000th GTT anilox roller for the offset market to printing house VOB Hardenberg in the Netherlands. VOB Hardenberg employs two of the latest- generation five- colour KB Rapida 164 presses which include coating towers for applying water- based and. anilox rolls must be cleaned as soon as possible after the completion of a press run to remove residual ink/ coatings. All too often, a delay or interruption in the cleaning process may cause an anilox roll to become ineffective due to build- up of dried deposits in the cells. Roll audits made easy aRC International can provide you with the materials and instructions for auditing your existing inventory of anilox rollers. This easy- to- follow CellProfiler manual gives you step- by- step instructions for auditing your rollers and preparing replicator tape samples for analysis. all roller audits are fully evaluated by highly.

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    Reduce the pressure setting. The pressure of the chamber doctor blade system is too low. Increase the pressure in the chamber doctor blade system. Cleaning anilox rolls: procedures and options Scope Various anilox roll cleaning procedures will be detailed. harsh " caustic" cleaners that were not specifically designed for anilox rollers. Always consult the anilox supplier for their specific recommendation. TIPCleaning anilox rolls: procedures and options / 2. ANILOX CHROME ROLLER The Anilox roller has cells that carry a specific amount of ink to the plates, the number of cells per linear inch vary according to the type of print job. The higher Line Anilox Rollers will correlate with smaller BCM ( Billions of Cubic Microns) Anilox Volumes. Anilox roller 2 reverse side 18 cm³ / 60 Lines / Hexagonal Screen printing lacquer Screen.

    WEILBURGER Graphics – Sample case Varnish sample no. 04 OB/ WB- TWIN effect matt/ gloss, backside colouring and scuff coating on inner side H 2O. · The latest development in anilox technology is Heidelberg’ s new Genetic Transfer Technology ( GTT) Anilox Screen Roller. GTT Rollers use a patented wave technology that allows you to lay coating down smoother compared to traditional cell- depth technology, where the cells clog overtime. GTT Roller and Coating Program. roller can hold affects the density, crispness and overall tonal range possible for the image. Lower anilox roll volumes transfer a thinner film Of ink which enables more tonal range, best image quality and greater efficiency. However color density is reduced due to the thinness Of the layer Of ink. As roller volumes increase you get higher. UV Off- line Coater Problem- Solving - Anilox v1. 1 Problem- Solving Guide - UV Anilox Coater Problem Cause Solution Uneven Coat- Weight Across Sheet - Anilox- applicator roller setting not parallel - Applicator- impression roller setting not parallel - Chamber not parallel to anilox - Anilox cells contaminated. The K- Supply Advanced Anilox Rollers with GTT® pattern developed by Apex International, enables the coating to transfer in a smooth and precise flow.

    The difference between these GTT ® rollers and any other anilox rollers ( hexagonal, positive screens and tri- helical) will be measured by the following three parameters: 1. Looking for the perfect MDC doctor blades for flexo printing? You’ ve come to the right place! Daetwyler SwissTec offers the perfect MDC doctor blades for any application. The anilox roller has a surface engraved with small cells that hold the ink before it is transferred to the soft surface of the printing plate cylinder. The relief surface, which is usually made from silicone rubber, rubber, or photopolymer, then stamps the pattern onto the substrate ( Ferreira Cruz et al. · To produce high- quality prints using flexographic printing technology, it is important, among other factors, how accurately and consistently the ink is delivered to the printing plate, and, from there, onto the printed material. This function is performed by anilox rollers. The aim of this research is to investigate the condition of anilox rollers in printing houses in the Baltic states. ANILOX CLEANING SYSTEM AC- 24 & 36 SErIE The most versatile equipment on the market to perform automatic cleaning of Anilox rollers and various manual parts cleaning. Automated system specifically designed to clean Anilox rollers up to 36’ ’ long. Anilox roller rotates while the cleaning nozzle travels progressively along the length of the. ROLLERS Providing you the best range of Rollers such as Super Finish Roller, Anilox Roller, Lamination Rubber Roller, S.

    Roller, Rubber and Ebonite Roller, Special Gravure Roller and many more items with effective & timely delivery. Super Finish Roller Anilox Roller Lamination Rubber Roller S. Roller P r o d u c t s. Your anilox roller supplier can help you understand the different cycle time required for the different specifications of anilox rollers. After the anilox has finished the cycle then ideally the anilox should be wiped clean and if possible the use of an airline to dry the cells completely, the anilox should at this stage be. cleaning of Anilox rollers. The ALCS 1000 S / SF is an off- press laser cleaning machine for sleeves and smaller rollers used in label printing. This innovative machine is suitable for rollers up to 1000 mm and 25 kg, and is specifically designed for frequent ( e. An anilox roller with plugged cells will deliver reduced amounts of ink, shifting color from the acceptable standards for the graphics. The use of solvents to clean the cells and maintain the quantity of ink transferred and, thereby, the quality of. anilox rollers are used in the printing and packaging industry. Optimal ink release, high repetitive accuracy and very small manufacturing tolerances enable repeatable print results of the highest quality.

    The INOlox® S series is available in two different quality levels – Proline and ProXline. Color matching is an important issue in the flexographic industry today because of many problems related to it. For example, there are few standards of ink and color for spot color printing. Further, there is no standardization in the communication among anilox roller suppliers and their customers concerning the specific cell volume measurement of the anilox roller. Anilox Rollers & Sleeves - Laser Engraved Ceramic Coated - Wide Web - Sandon Global. AIA Central 39th floor. Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kavling 48A. Our enviable reputation and performance in the international wide- web print and. Mechanically engraved intaglio from roller used in flexo presses to transfer a controlled film of ink from the contacting rubber- covered fountain roller to the rubber plate ( or rubber- covered roller) which prints the web * Registered Trade Name, Inmont Corp. · The fountain roller which is responsible for passing the proper colored ink to the anilox roller.